What happened to Equatorial Congo Airlines?

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    ECAir was founded in 2010 by a group of private investors and backed by the Congo government, which owned 70% of the airline. To make sure everything went smoothly, the government reportedly contracted Lufthansa’s consulting arm for the startup.

    But the airline was banned from flying to the Europe as all Congo maintained airlines were banned to fly to Europe.

    In the years that followed, ECAir continued expanding within Africa and eyed more long-haul routes. The airline added flights to Douala, Cameroon, and Libreville, Gabon, to bolster its network.

    In early 2014, ECAir announced its second long-haul route to Dubai, flying three times a week at first, using the same Boeing 757-200. Later in the year, the airline signed an agreement with Jetairfly (now known as TUI Belgium) to provide a fleet of widebody 767-300ERs for its Paris route.

    However, the carrier might not be dead after all. After a slow liquidation process, many rumors (including from its official Twitter page) have circulated about the airline’s revival. Five years later, it’s still unclear what Equatorial Congo Airlines’ future will be and if it could fly again.


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