What Happens To Prototype Aircraft Once Testing Is Complete?

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    An airbus a380 prototype

    When an aircraft is launched at the start it goes through various testing procedures to ensure the safety of the aircraft in different situations, for example “The plane has been dragged, dropped, soaked, forced to hover, shudder and flutter,” Boeing said of its 747-8 testing.The aircraft also goes through extreme heat and cold.But after the company is done testing the prototype,what happens to the aircraft.

    The answer to what happens to the aircraft is that its used for ground testing, like fitting equipment to see if it works properly or fits,even engine testing.They will basically do a development process and will look to better their systems.

    After the testbed phases are over,the aircraft is off to the museum where it sits for a good use of aviation.Great examples include Seattle’s Museum of Flight (home of the first Boeing 747 and 737) or Toulouse’s Musée Aeroscopia (home of the first Airbus A320 and second-built A380).

    Test and Prototype airplanes come to better and greater use than we thought which was recycling or using the spare parts.


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