British Airways A350 collides with Emirates 777

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    British Airways’ first A350 had collided with the Emirates 777 in Dubai. It appears as though the A350 was being pushed back in Dubai when it struck the Emirates aircraft. On the 14th of April.

    A British Airways Airbus A350 collided with an Emirates Boeing 777
    A British Airways Airbus A350 collided with an Emirates Boeing 777

    British Airways’ Airbus A350s are some of the newest aircraft in the British flag carrier’s fleet. Its first A350 which was delivered nearly a year ago in July 2019. However, the plane won’t be flying for some days as its horizontal stabilizer damaged during this collision at the airport

    Dubai collision

    Even though a large portion of the British Airways fleet has grounded, British Airways’ oldest A350 has been remaining in the skies. In April alone it has flown to Toronto, Washington(USA), Tel Aviv(Israel), and Dubai(UAE). However, it seems as though its stay in Dubai will last a little longer than planned.

    Less than a year old, the A350 collided with an Emirates 777 on pushback to its designated gate. According to data from Flightradar24, the aircraft had been pushing back to fly to London as flight BA106. the aircraft was to depart from Dubai at 01:30, to arrive in London at 06:15. Some believe that this operated as a freight flight without passengers.

    British Airways, Airbus A350, Collision
    Flight data suggests the collision happened at the north-west of the airport.

    However, while being pushed back, the aircraft’s horizontal stabilizer collided with that of an Emirates 777. The Emirates aircraft involved is flight A6-EBR. According to flightradar24, this 13-year-old aircraft last flew on the 13th of April from Riyadh to Dubai.

    It is still not clear how much of a priority it will be to repair the two aircraft given the current global situation of the coronavirus. The capacity of these planes likely won’t be missed soon. However, one would imagine that BA will fairly swiftly repair their new aircraft to bring it back to London.


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