Air India bid extended till June 30th due to current situation.

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    Taking in the current situation, the government had extended the deadline bids for Air India. The new deadline is in 2 months which is on June 30th, which gives a lot of time for new bidders to provide a few more offers for the government-run airline.

    Current scenario

    Air India has gone through a rough patch lately and making it stay with the government will just make it worse. It needs to be privatised. Hence the two months extended deadline. This is also not the first time that there has been an extension of airlines with heavy losses. There may be more extensions too as the airline needs a change. The potential bidders like, Tata group may wait as the situation is now putting them in survival mode like many other airlines which will extend the deadline.

    The whole fleet of Air India is currently grounded.


    In conclusion, I believe that this deadline may awaken new opportunities and will profoundly change the standard of Air India. There could also be more extensions as the company’s will have to recover from this terrifying incident.

    Two Air India planes on the ground
    Two Air India planes on the ground


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