Moscow-Bound Air India A320neo Returns To Delhi After Pilot Tests Positive For COVID-19

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    A Moscow-bound A320neo returned to New Delhi after a pilot tested positive for COVID-19. The aircraft was just under three hours into the flight from Delhi to Moscow when the plane turned around on May 30th.

    A COVID-19 Positive Pilot Causes A Diversion

    Reports from ndtv state that an A320neo was forced to turn around mid-flight after the ground team realized the pilot was a COVID-19 patient. Air India conducts at least 200 coronavirus tests a day in Delhi. Crews are required to take these tests before operating a flight. Air India processes the results itself. There appeared to be a lapse in the process. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will investigate the incident.

    Information About The Flight

    The A320neo departed shortly before 07:30 local time in Delhi. The aircraft tracked north over Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, after entering Uzbekistan, the plane flew for some time before making a U-turn– just under three hours into the flight. Then, the aircraft tracked back, held for a bit over Pakistan, and then landed in New Delhi a little over five hours after taking off.


    Thankfully there were no passengers on the flight and no one got harmed a lot and air India should make sure that something like this should not happen again as they are risking the lives of their passengers and themselves

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