Abandoned? MD-83 Still At Indian Airport 5 Years After Emergency Landing

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    At Raipur in 2015 an MD83 had to make an emergency landing due to an engine failure in August.The aircraft belonged to Bangladeshi carrier called united airways.

    Bangladeshi authorities arrived in Delhi nearly three weeks after the landing to investigate the causes. However, no one came forward to claim the aircraft, repair it, and finally take it back to Dhaka. Raipur Airport only has six parking bays, which meant the United Airways flight was occupying prime capacity at the airport, prompting complaints from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to quickly return the plane.

    Parking charges for aircraft at Raipur Airport are ₹320 ($4.4) per hour, according to New Indian Express. While this is not much for most airlines, for the United Airways MD-83, these costs have added up. The airline now reportedly owes Raipur Airport a total of more than ₹1.54 crores ($211,600). Even if someone did decide to purchase the plane and fly it out, it would be stuck footing a huge bill.

    As of now this aircraft will stay put at Raipur airport.


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