A COVID-19 patient tried to board a flight in an airport in Michigan

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    Just last week a state in the USA called Michigan prevented the spread of Covid-19 by not letting a Covid-19 affected patient board a flight. The passenger tried to board the aircraft, but the cabin crew and other staff stopped her and took her for quarantine for safety.

    How did it happen? 

    The passenger was already tested positive for coronavirus and sentenced to quarantine and self-isolation. He was away from home visiting family when he got the virus. He did not follow the given isolation rules and still tried to board the aircraft.

    How was he stopped?

    The man had been in contact with health officials already, and they were worried too. So they called the airport to question passenger to passenger some crucial questions and that way they caught him. Health officer Linda Vail started this.Then the airport staff and cabin crew stopped him from boarding the flight.


    This was a coordinated and synchronized effort which prevented the spread of coronavirus and saved a lot of lives, all thanks to the authority of the airport and management.


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