Emirates Boeing 777 Door Damaged In Manila After Jetbridge Malfunction

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    WHAT HAPPENED- An Emirates Boeing-777 300ER with the registration- A6-ENN with flight no. EK332 almost had it’s door ripped off due to a jet bridge malfunction.The aircraft was situated at the gate during this.Repairs will be necessary, and the aircraft is probably at least a few days out from reentering commercial service.

    HOW IT HAPPENED-The jet bridge was in the process of pulling away while the malfunction occurred causing it to move forward with a lot of power causing heavy damage to the door of the 777 which resulted in the door almost being ripped off.This was no human error and it was confirmed by emirates and authority’s.


    Emirates can confirm its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft set to operate flight EK 333 from Manila to Dubai on 14 August, came into contact with an air bridge, causing damage to the aircraft. There were no passengers onboard at the time of the incident and all customers booked to travel on flight EK333 were re-booked onto Emirates flight EK 338 from Clark to Dubai via Manila. Emirates apologises for any inconvenience caused. The safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance.”

    INFORMATION ABOUT THE AIRCRAFT-The aircraft is a six-year-old Boeing 777-300ER. In addition to this Manila flight, the plane has, in the last few days, flown to Basra in Iraq, Mumbai in India, Amman in Jordan, Kuwait City in Kuwait, Beirut in Lebanon, Casablanca in Morocco, and more.

    OTHER INCIDENTS LIKE THIS-Earlier this month, another Boeing 777 300ER slides at Sydney airport.. That aircraft was also at the gate.

    CONCLUSION-At this point, Emirates will need to get some replacement parts and keep the aircraft on the ground for a bit until it is repaired. The door will likely need to be replaced along with any of its associated parts. Those parts will probably need to be flown into Manila. Depending on how long it takes to source the parts, it may be a little bit until the plane can reenter commercial service.The aircraft will need to undergo some repairs. The door has to fit snugly and perfectly into its slot, or else it could lead to an unfortunate inflight incident. Examples include a leak in the door, causing an inflight decompression leading to the deployment of oxygen masks.


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