Passengers who await test results come up with a solution for sleeping in the airport at Narita

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    For those still able to enter Japan amid selective travel restrictions, many will have to undergo testing at the airport before entering the country. That applies to anyone that has recently been to one of the countries on Japan’s watchlist). However, these tests aren’t available instantly, and passengers have found a way to sleep on mattresses partitioned by cardboard as they await results. Incredible photos of this setup have surfaced on social media in the last few days.

    One of Narita’s terminal buildings.

    What is the situation at Narita’s baggage claim area

    An article by the Forbes magazine calls it a “cardboard box hotel” full of arriving international passengers awaiting their coronavirus test result. The baggage claim area has become a makeshift sleeping area which features “bedframes” made out of rigid cardboard. The bedding itself at least looks relatively comfortable. The result comes in after 1-2 days according to a writer on Wasabi Blog having travelled through the Narita Airport.

    Those without an eye mask may find it difficult to sleep as lights remain on 24 hours a day. However, beverages and snacks, including rice balls, are provided by the airport staff.

    The situation of Narita Airport is termed to the story of the terminal man by some people.

    A photo of the cardboard box hotels in Narita International Airport


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