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    In light of the current situation of COVID-19 in India and the scarcity of oxygen all over the country, India is going to need a lot more help from the people and countries around the world. More than ten countries are supplying India with much-needed oxygen.

    COVID-19 has higher cases than ever in India

    This is not a blog related much to aviation, but I wrote it to create awareness, and there will be a link to donate to a foundation helping the people in need. So please donate; India now needs the help of as many people as it gets. And this will be a lengthy blog but make sure to read it all. 

    The Situation in India 

    There has highest numbers of cases and deaths in India since the start of the pandemic

    Case numbers and deaths in India are continuing to rise fast, fuelled by a new variant.

    The New Strain

    The rising cases 

    The country hit a record number of cases on Monday – the fifth time in a row – and its highest daily number of deaths.

    Number of patients rising in Delhi

    But the accurate numbers of cases and deaths are likely to be higher than the numbers provided by authorities, with many people avoiding testing or struggling to access it.

    Many deaths in rural areas also go unregistered.


    Testing is increasing – but so too is the number of positive results.

    According to Johns Hopkins University, a high percentage of positive tests suggests high infection rates and the likelihood of many more people in the community with coronavirus undetected.

    More people are testing positive again

    Last year, the WHO recommended that countries get the rate below 5% for at least two weeks before considering easing restrictions. The positive test rate in India is now around 20%.

    In total, India has confirmed more than 17 million infections and 200,000 deaths. Virologists say they expect the rate of infections to continue to increase for another two to three weeks.

    Shortage of space and supplies 

    The country has a chronic shortage of space on its intensive care wards, with many patients’ families are forced to drive for miles to find a bed for their loved ones.- hospitals are full and are turning away new patients.

    In Delhi- hospitals are full and are turning away new patients.

    Shortage of oxygen

    Doctors have described how people are dying on the streets outside hospitals as the country struggles to cope.

    Hospitals across India are also experiencing oxygen shortages, with some forced to put up signs warning of a lack of supplies.

    According to PATH, demand has been growing between 6%-8% each day, an organisation that works with global institutions and businesses to tackle health problems.

    Estimated oxygen usage

    Typically, healthcare facilities consume about 15% of the oxygen supply in India, leaving the rest for industrial use.

    But amid India’s second wave, nearly 90% of the country’s oxygen supply – 7,500 metric tons daily – is being diverted for medical use.

    How is the aviation industry contributing to this?

    The whole world has joined in the plea to help India to come out of this deadly situation. Transportation of oxygen through planes or trucks, or trains by any means is being transported through various countries, cities and hospitals. 

    Indian Air Force bringing oxygen tanks form other countries

    USA, Canada, Singapore, Russia, Germany, and many more countries are helping by sending the oxygen that India currently needs. 

    Singapore and Canada

    The Singapore government dispatched a consignment of 256 oxygen cylinders on two C-130 military transport aircraft to West Bengal. It is among the first countries to send oxygen supplies to India amid reports of a severe commodity shortage in several cities.

    Singapore sent 2 planes full of oxygen tankers

    Singapore and Canada on Wednesday joined the list of countries that have announced support for India’s response to a devastating second wave of Coronavirus infections that has hit healthcare facilities across the country.


    Russia is sending more than 22 tonnes of medical supplies to India to combat the second COVID-19 wave. These supplies comprise 20 oxygen production units, 75 ventilators, and 2,00,000 packs of medicines.

    Russia sent more than 22 tonnes of medical supplies to India

    As India battles a devastating second wave of coronavirus pandemic, countries worldwide, including the US, Russia, the UK and Germany, have announced sending medical supplies to India to help it tide over the situation.


    The US is rushing supplies worth more than $100 million, including oxygen generation systems and raw materials for vaccines, to back India’s Covid-19 response in the face of a devastating second wave of Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infections.

    USA sent many supplies that India needed

    What can we do as citizens?

    The best thing we can do as citizens is donating to charities that are helping provide oxygen cylinders and medical supplies to the people.

    One such foundation is the Hemkunt Foundation. This non-government NGO has helped numerous people over the country by providing oxygen tanks, medical supplies etc. 

    Hemkunt Foundation has been actively participating in helping lakhs of people

    I will be sharing a link to some of the foundations which are helping the country down below. 

    1. We can do other things to prevent the spread of the Novel Corona Virus by staying at home, going out only when necessary, using sanitisers as many times throughout the day, and most of all do not share fake news. The circulation of fake news throughout various platforms confuses the masses and is not at all helping the hardworking medical staff. Stop the chain of fake news and the virus. 
    2. Always cross-check your resources. It can save a life. You can help anyone who has contracted the virus and needs specific vaccinations or medical supplies. 

    We all know all these things have been repeated repeatedly, but there is no way we can stop the virus from spreading if we don’t follow these measures.

    We should respect the frontline workers working day in and out and helping the infected get better. 

    Frontline Workers are working very hard

    I appreciate that you read the blog; you have done half the work by reading this. the second half to complete this circle is by sharing it with as many people as you can. This blog will help generate awareness for different people. Eventually, if we follow all the guidelines given by the government, we all can together stop the spread and be free again. If we all follow the checklist provided by the government, which is wash your hands, don’t go out and always wear masks when going out. 

    Thank you,

    Harsh Patil 

    Here are the Donation links 

    GiveIndia Fundraisers: India’s most trusted crowdfunding website

    Donate Now – Hemkunt Foundation

    Donate to COVID-19 Relief Services in India | Donate to Corona Virus Hit Families (

    PM CARES Fund – PM’s Citizen Assistance & Relief in Emergency Situations Fund

    Donate to Covid Relief Fund for India – AID (

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