Ex British Airways 747 Will Be Saved As A Filmset

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    As you all know, British airways have started to retire their 747s due to efficient flying. The aircraft, registered as G-CIVW will be flown to Dunsfold aero-dome in Surrey, England where it would be transformed into a film set alongside another BA-747.

    This has happened because BRITISH AIRWAYS have decided to scrap their entire production of their 747s. Because of the pandemic they aren’t getting enough passengers and hence not enough money to keep their big aircraft’s functioning. So since they are scrapping all the other ones, they decided to save this 747 to use in films or ads and also a reminder of the reign of the queen of the skies.

    There will also be another aircraft joining the 747 for the same use too. This is a prestigious job for the pilots and will serve the world to remind them of the queen of the skies.


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    Jaydeep Malharkar
    Jaydeep Malharkar
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