Australia Declares The 737 MAX Is Safe to return

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    The Boeing 737 Max has had a lot of speculations and incidents since its launch which caused a lot of airlines to stop using it.Australia has now accepted the return of the Boeing 737 max when Boeing recertified it.

    No airline in Australia fly’s the 737 Max.Australia only receives it from Fiji Airways and Singapore Airlines.However virgin australia did make a big order for the 737 Max but then the airlines collapsed so the 25 Max 10s and 23 Max 8s are scheduled to get delivered in mid 2023.Qantas also has been deciding to make an order,but they don’t know what, the airbus a320 or Boeing 737 Max.It seems like the 737 Max really has a bright future in Australia.

    Since Boeing recertified the 737 Max a lot of airlines will trust it and buy it which will help Boeing in not making a lot of losses like the last year.


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