Inside Air Tahiti’s Dreamliner Livery – Tattoos With Meaning

    Unique and diverse livery’s are very popular nowadays as they attract different cultures and a whole new set of people along.It also sometimes depicts the culture of the airline and the origin of it.A tattoo can also be depicted as a livery for example the most famous B-787,the Air Tahiti’s NUI Dreamliner.Lets talk more about it.

    Why Is It One Of The Most Unique Livery In The World?

    First off,it’s a tattoo depicting a Caribbean design which really digs deep into Air Tahiti’s origin and heritage which no other airline has ever done before.When other airlines do a livery it’s mostly commercial or a sponsorship.But air Tahiti did a livery connecting to their heritage which turned out to be a big hit hence it’s a unique livery.

    The Meaning Behind All Their Livery’s

    Air Tahiti has four Dreamliners in its fleet, each with a thoughtful registration number linked to Tahitian words. The first two letters, F-O, designate the country of origin and can’t be changed, but the final three letters are unique to each plane. They are:

    • MUA – meaning forward
    • NUI – meaning big
    • TOA – meaning warrior
    • VAA – meaning canoe

    When you put them all together, there’s a little Easter egg from this fun-loving airline, in that they make a complete Tahitian phrase: Toa mua nui vaa – The warrior going forward in the great canoe!


    This livery has a very deep meaning and I’m sure it gives a sense of pride to people who are from Tahiti,the tattoo gives a tropical and Caribbean feeling which is what they are trying to convey through that livery at the same time it connects to their heritage too.Its fun and religious!

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