PIA A320 crashes moments before landing at Karachi, Pakistan

    Pakistan International Airlines flight, going from Lahore to Karachi, had crashed moments before the landing. The aircraft was carrying 91 passengers and seven crew members.

    Delta is retiring its 777 fleet

    As it was announced on Thursday, Delta Air Lines is getting ready to retire its 18 of its 777s. This means that the carrier...

    Could this be the future of the economy class cabin?

    The problems kept forward by the COVID-19 pandemic run far more profound than just the immediate shock. For aviation, many of the fundamentals have...

    Air India bid extended till June 30th due to current situation.

    Taking in the current situation, the government had extended the deadline bids for Air India. The new deadline is in 2 months which is...

    Cathay Pacific to swap orders of 777Xs to 787s

    Recent reports tell that Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific could be swapping 777X orders for the 787-10 Dreamliner. The story comes as Cathay Pacific...

    United leases 22 of its aircraft to BOC Aviation

    United Airlines has entered into a leaseback agreement with BOC Aviation for 22 of its aircraft. This means that BOC Aviation will purchase the planes from United and then lease those same planes back to the airline, as announced on April 19th.

    British Airways A350 collides with Emirates 777

    British Airways’ first A350 had collided with the Emirates 777 in Dubai. It appears as though the A350 was being pushed back in Dubai when it struck the Emirates aircraft. On the 14th of april.