80% Of Ryan Air Passengers Still Haven’t Had A Refund

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    Due to this covid-19 crisis many low cost carriers are suffering like easyJet,Jet2 etc but none of them are suffering more that Ryan air.Even Ryan air customers are suffering more than ever as 80% or more passengers haven’t received a refund.Its is Europe’s largest Lcc hence will receive a lot of refunds.There are a lot of other airlines facing the same refund issue but Ryan air seems particularly slow coping with this issue than other airlines.

    An Alternative To Refunds

    Ryan air is giving an alternative to the refunds which are vouchers.The LCC does not have sufficient funds for a lot of refunds as they have lack of staff and lack of fleet working due the the crisis going on.Ryan air has also stated that they can only process the other refunds after thus situation has calmed down which left many frustrated passengers,this has also led to a delay in funds.

    Other Airlines With The Same Issue

    There are also airlines with the same issue like Jet2 and British airways and they are dealing with this problem much better than Ryan air.Jet2 has only 19% of passengers waiting for a refund whilst British Airways has only 23% of passengers waiting for refunds.But there is easyJet with 63% although that’s a bad no. it’s still lower than Ryan air.

    Pass On The E.U Law

    There’s a law that states passengers should get a refund within one week of the cancellation.But because of the crisis of covid-19 the airlines might get a pass on the strict law.But the more time they will take they will be dragging more funds along with them causing a lot of problems.


    Ryan air needs to get better management skills so they can solve this problem and the covid situation is bringing a lot of airlines to a stand still.Hopefully after the situation clears up Ryan air will operate to full capacity and then will refund the money to passengers with sufficient funds still left.


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