The United States DoT allows limited flights to china and to Chinese airlines

    The US Department of Transportation (DoT) has dismissed an earlier order that forbade Chinese carriers from flying to the US. On June 5th, the DoT said that China would be permitted to operate two flights per week to the United States. That means that of the four Chinese airlines currently serving in the US, at least a couple will need to stop.

    The US changes the ban on Chinese flight restrictions.

    This week following the continuous tension between the USA and China. In the latest development, the US has now withdrawn on its severe flight restrictions for Chinese carriers. But only slightly.

    Having served an order on June 3rd to restrict the entry of all Chinese carriers into the US, the US Department of Transportation has now shifted its decision. It had earlier been expected that from June 16th, or more first, if the President approved, no Chinese carriers would be allowed to enter the US until further notice.

    The DoT has now said that it will acknowledge some Chinese flights to enter the US. It issued an order on June 5th for two weekly round trip flights from the US to China which it deems to be:

    “…an aggregate level of scheduled passenger services that would be equivalent to that permitted by Chinese aviation authorities for US carriers.”

    Currently, one service per week is operated to the US by the following Chinese carriers:

    • Air China.
    • China Eastern Airlines.
    • China Southern Airlines.
    • Xiamen Airlines.

    That will now change. Only one or two of these airlines will be authorised to operate to the US, effective immediately.

    China-US battle continues

    While initially, the DoT’s order did show some hope, it’s clear now that this new ordinance is simply an increase of the existing feud.

    The conflict began when China announced an airline operating schedule that did not involve American carriers such as, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines for June. The Chinese republic said that it had announced flight permissions based on airline activity as of March 12th. At that time, the US had already discontinued flights to China. Therefore, China gave the two carriers a weekly flight allowance of zero.

    In vengeance, the DoT, with approval from President Trump, issued an order that barred Chinese carriers from operating to the US from June 16th. It permitted the US one flight per airline per week. The resolution also came with health conditions, which would give the airlines additional weekly flights if they complied.

    Will China change its command?

    The DoT’s Order 2020-6-3 is the newest compromise between the two parties. However, it now appears that both countries have reached a deadlock with neither wishing to honour airline operating rights fully.

    The DoT calls China’s decision a violation of the US’ ability “to exercise their bilateral rights fully.” It stated that it does not wish for further trouble. However, it believes that China should first take onus. As such, the DoT has said that it is open to revising this new regulation pending alterations on China’s side.

    So, will China renew its regulation? For now, it doesn’t look like anything will change. Unlike the US, China has an advantage system by which US airlines, among other foreign carriers, can earn new service routes to China. 

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