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    The United States DoT allows limited flights to china and to Chinese airlines

    The US Department of Transportation (DoT) has dismissed an earlier order that forbade Chinese carriers from flying to the US. On June 5th, the...

    A COVID-19 patient tried to board a flight in an airport in Michigan

    Just last week a state in the USA called Michigan prevented the spread of Covid-19 by not letting a Covid-19 affected patient board a...

    United Boeing 787 Suffers Cracked Windshield Departing Hong Kong.

    This incident occurred on May 14th when a United Boeing 787-9 was taking off from Hong Kong to San-Francisco and several hours after takeoff...

    Delta is retiring its 777 fleet

    As it was announced on Thursday, Delta Air Lines is getting ready to retire its 18 of its 777s. This means that the carrier...

    United leases 22 of its aircraft to BOC Aviation

    United Airlines has entered into a leaseback agreement with BOC Aviation for 22 of its aircraft. This means that BOC Aviation will purchase the planes from United and then lease those same planes back to the airline, as announced on April 19th.

    The United Airlines flies a 1000 ventilators from China

    As the COVID-19 pandemic rises , the United Airlines is continuing to use its resources to help those in need. The Chicago-based carrier has been flying its Boeing 787 aircraft to bring in medical supplies and personal protective equipment from China